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Don’t let booze ruin the result

Whether you’re watching at the ground, in the pub, or on the sofa; or socialising at your local sports club , sport and alcohol often go hand in hand.

For many of us, cheering on our team is often accompanied by a few drinks. But when you’re watching an afternoon’s sport it’s easy to overdo it, leaving those great sporting moments a distant blur.

For those of us who play sport, alcohol can be a big part of the social life of our local club or team. But even the next day, heavy drinking can ruin the result for you and your team, leaving you tired, dehydrated and performing well below your best.

Top tips for enjoying a drink without letting the side down

  1. Pace yourself, and try swapping alcoholic drinks for some soft drinks.
  2. Drinking in rounds with friends or teammates can lead to drinking more than you meant to. Decide for yourself how much you want to drink, and remember it’s always OK to say no to an offer of an alcoholic drink.
  3. You are safest not to drink regularly more than 14 units per week, to keep health risks from drinking alcohol to a low level. If you do drink as much as 14 units per week, it is best to spread this evenly over 3 days or more. If you have one or two heavy drinking sessions, you increase your risks of death from long term illnesses and from accidents and injuries.
  4. If you’re trying to cut down, a good way to help achieve this is to have at least a few drink-free days each week.

Find out more about units with our drinks calculator

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