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Get your team on board for healthy drinking


There are few things in Wales that unite, motivate and engage like sport. And whether we’re celebrating wins or commiserating losses, alcohol often plays a key role. But if drinking gets out of control, it’s not long before a club can harm its reputation as a family-friendly hub for the community.

Community sports clubs can commit to a new game plan when it comes to alcohol. That means changing club practices so that alcohol no longer plays such a dominant role, making your club a healthier and safer place for players, members, families and supporters alike.

One really practical step many clubs have take is to draw up a formal policy on selling and drinking alcohol. In an Alcohol Concern survey of sports clubs in Wales, 60% of said they thought an alcohol policy was a good idea for their club.. Amongst the reasons people gave were:

  • “It adds an element of control”
  • “Then you can make clear what you expect from members in regard to social behavior”

Some people do worry that a policy that leads to less drinking will lead to some members leaving and will reduce the takings for the club at the bar. In reality, adopting an alcohol policy and sticking to it can bring some big advantages:

  • Creating a safer, friendlier and more welcoming social atmosphere, attracting more families with children, and new players looking for a club where they won’t feel pressure to drink
  • Improved relations with the local community, the local council and the police – if there’s less drinking at your club, they’ll probably be less trouble
  • Increased revenue as more people join. Some clubs, even though they’re selling less alcohol, have made up for those losses by selling more non-alcoholic drinks and food.

Grab a copy of our template alcohol policy for sports clubs and get your team-mates on board

Put the word out with free posters for you club house or changing room

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