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A boozy Valentine’s?

Glass heartEven though we are only in the second month of the year, there have already been ‘big drinking’ events pushed under our noses – Scotland’s Burn’s Night, Chinese New Year and the Six Nations rugby for example – where the alcohol industry insists we celebrate with booze.

Next up on the conveyor belt of celebrations is St Valentine’s Day, where we’ll no doubt be reminded again about the so-called aphrodisiac effects of alcohol

But alcohol and romance don’t necessarily go hand in hand. For a start, a bottle of red is hardly the most creative choice of gift, and with a glass too many the night might end with a whimper rather than a bang

If Dry January has taught us anything, it’s that it can feel like alcohol is everywhere, and there’s always an occasion or an event to mark with alcohol waiting just around the corner. But sometimes, it’s ok to just say ‘no’ to alcohol.

So would you ever consider an alcohol-free Valentine’s? If you’re out for dinner, you might be surprised to find how many pubs and restaurants are expanding their non-alcoholic beers and wines to cater for the non-drinker, and also how good some of them taste. Instead of a meal and drinks, how about a trip to the cinema, a weekend break away, or perhaps just taking a good old-fashioned stroll around town?

Once you start thinking about it, you don’t always have to ‘say it with booze’. And, as one commentator has noted, sober sex ‘takes balls of steel’! 

Happy Valentine’s!

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