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What football needs is more alcohol – Part 2

Alcohol advertising in football


Just in case you thought Budweiser were only interested in professional football, the AB InBev brand have announced that they want to “capture the magic of the Sunday league game, and elevate amateur star players to an almost professional status”.

They’re asking part-time players to send in videos of the goals they’ve scored. With the hashtag #tothedream and the slogan ‘grab some buds’, the campaign is backed by Sky TV, and is accompanied by new easy-carry boxes of 12 bottles of Bud for sharing with your sporting mates. Goals judged to be the best will be screened on Sky later in the year. 

Jason Hughes, Head of Creative Solutions at Sky, said it was “a fantastic opportunity for two brands to bring more [of the] joy and excitement of football to all fans who live the dream!”

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